About us

What we do

Mission Statement:

To educate and assist every indigent American Veteran we meet about the disability benefits they're entitled to.

The foundation can be described in one word; resources.

Its goals are three-fold.

1. To massive fund for a much more aggressive, mobile, boots-on-the-ground effort.

2. To maintain annual donation revenue to fund long-term resources for indigent Veterans in pursuing their VA disability benefit rating, and

3. To fund an annual ceremony congratulating and recognizing Veterans who have achieved their 100% benefit rating. Their achievement will be memorialized by a specifically designed “challenge coin” and presented in traditional military protocol.

Tax deductible foundation contributions will make the permanent difference in every Veterans life we find.
Permanence, beats temporary "feel good", all day, every day. Please join us in changing lives of those who sacrificed and answered the call to duty.

US Patriot Fund, Inc.’s sister company, SOS Veterans Assistance ( est. 2022) was founded by two brothers. One, former USN, the other assisted hundreds of Veterans and their families use their VA housing benefit to purchase homes since 1981.

Veterans deserve the same essentials all Americans have, but for whatever reason, don't.


Access to the internet and communication whenever, wherever.
A device to do so.
An email address.
A physical address to receive important mail.
A Bank account.

Intermittent spot donations like all other charities don’t accomplish any of these with any permanence.

Such donations essentially serve to make donors feel good.

Additionally, the foundation will locate local, licensed, bonded and insured contractors in communities we visit. Combined with a building materials sponsorship from the Home Depot, a well-known Veteran supporter, needed home improvement projects for Veterans can be completed.

In concert with this outreach, the foundation will address the issue of homeless Veterans and the “22 a day” initiative. This video is THE strongest evidence of our Veteran crisis. (Warning: Sensitive content.)

Statistics worth noting…

More than a decade ago the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, coined the phrase, “22 a day”. Although numbers are improving, suicides among Veterans remains a major concern. Current suicide rate data is available from the 2022 National Veteran Suicide Prevention Annual Report. 2022.

According to the United States Department of Veterans affairs, VetPop2020 estimates, there are 19.4 million living Veterans.

Of this population, approximately 11,906,843 do not receive a disability benefit rating. Mathematically, this equates to approximately 38% who do. (“0%”, is considered a disability benefit rating attributed to a condition considered “service connected”, however, not compensable.)

62% of Veterans, due to lack of awareness of and understanding the complicated process (application, forms, claim strategy, records curation and retrieval, submission, denials and appeals,), are not compensated.

As of 2024 published rates, American Veterans are entitled to receive up to $3,946.25 per month, for life, for injuries, (physical and mental) sustained during active-duty service to their country. VBA (Veterans Benefit Administration) has completed over one million claims annually for thirteen consecutive years, including a record 1.7 million disability compensation and pension claims in 2022. Total compensation obligations are estimated at $165.7 billion for payments to 6,094,446 Veterans, 562,448 survivors, and 1,049 children receiving special benefits.

The Point-in-Time (PIT) count is an annual effort led by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to estimate the number of Americans, including Veterans, without safe, stable housing.

The January 2022 PIT national snapshot of Veteran homelessness showed that the total number of Veterans who experienced homelessness was 33,129. The next PIT Count will take place in January 2024.

The VA provides precedence to homeless Veterans applying for these disability benefits (VA form 21-526EZ provided in the appendices) due to the obvious dangers of being homeless.

The singular uniqueness of the US Patriot Fund, Inc. lies in SOS via the structure of its components. Specifically, the decades of highly governmentally regulated business experience in its primary founder and the contract retention of a team member who is a former VA appeals attorney/retired Army E6 staff sergeant with a 100% P & T (Permanent & Total), disability benefit rating.

The founders are sacrificing a year of their lives, walking away from their comfortable homes, their families, and life as they know it. Leaving all that behind to embark on a trek into key states with the highest Veteran population to reach deep into the heart of America; in its cities, valleys, neighborhoods, back allies, tunnels and streets, to change the lives of those who provided each of us, our families, our businesses, US, with the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

A comprehensive business plan referencing cited statistics, exhibits of current marketing collateral, and projections exists for sponsors and donors interested in participating and can be requested through this website. Click >>HERE<< to request it.