To provide a long-term, sustainable future for homeless American Veterans and their famiies.

We identified a gap between existing temporary solutions and quality of life. Our solution lies in available funding for Veterans at the federal level. Additionally, many American Veterans have little to no knowledge of this program or how to successfully apply to receive or increase their entitlement.

Veterans who are, or who are in danger of becoming homeless. More importantly, the VA expedites claims processing for homeless or “at-risk” Veterans.

US Patriot Fund is not a homeless shelter, provider or conduit to shelter providers.
We are very grateful to work with existing shelters and community programs who have fostered trusted relationships between they and a Veteran.
We are contacted by these shelters and entities in our effort to evaluate a Veterans eligibility to apply for and receive a VA disability benefit rating. Evaluation covers ascertaining existing and needed resources to facilitate vital communication between the Veteran and VA regarding their submitted claims. Veterans deserve, the same essentials all Americans have, but for whatever reason, don’t. A “trusted liaison” at each shelter would assist in obtaining the following:

Access to the internet and communication whenever, wherever.
A device to do so.
An email address.
A physical address to receive important mail.
A Bank account.

With the exception of a bank account and internet, US Patriot Fund, Inc., will obtain corporate sponsorships for these items and cover the expense to the Veteran while their claims are being evaluated and approved by the VA.

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Honorably discharged Veterans of any age, era or branch of service, combat or no combat, are eligible. Eligibility ratings are approved by the VA in percentages of 0 – 100%. Each rating percentage corresponds to a lifetime, tax-free, monthly income. Some Veterans may already have a rating and we can assist in applying for that rating to be increased. The actual chart is >> HERE <<.

Our sister company, SOS Veterans Assistance, (, began in 2022 as a static-fee-based service in its effort to beta test systems, processes and time frames as required when conducting business with the VA.

We’ve proudly assisted numerous Veterans obtain a 100% rating, and many more are increasing their ratings on the way to obtaining their 100%.

(While our formal application to the IRS is being processed, we are being sponsored by a an IRS approved”Fiscal Sponsor”. )

Yes. >> HERE << is a copy of our certification. As an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit entity, all donations and sponsorships are tax deductible.

By directing federal funds to a Veteran and his or her family, existing funds in your organization can be freed up then reallocated to another family in need. In other words, “Do you have a waiting list for your program?” If so, this may be one way to reduce it.

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Three ways.
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