Well. What can any charitable organization say about what they do that might be different from thousands of others.

My life has been peppered with gratitude and I realize much of it is due to the freedoms I was born into as an American.

A long-time friend of mine, who happens to be from the Bay area, owned a magnate school and spends most of her time, as she still does, researching, writing and submitting educational grant requests, told me who I am about to become with our fund - "A professional beggar".

"Um. Ohhhhhkayyyy." I retorted as she asked if my eyebrows rose.

How she knew this, I''ll never know.

After more than four decades of owning and operating businesses, begging is something I'm not accustomed to.

At all.

My mission however, has never been as important and vital as it is now either.

So. Here I, we, are, begging for your attention and support.


If you're a business owner, of any kind, and can speak with us about how your business can best benefit from teaming up, please, call us.

We've made doing so genuinely easy.

Our toll free number (877.318.2988) is only a click away from both of us looking at strategies we can use to help our homeless American Veterans.

Thank you.