Why are we SO IMPATIENT?

People, particularly potential donors ask me, rather, they say to me, “you’re very impatient”.

I don’t have to ponder that question or statement for even a nanosecond.

Do you know why?

Yes. I’m God damn impatient and for good reason.

You and I get to run around in our nice air conditioned or heated car or truck, to a job that pays us money so we can eat and clothe ourselves and live a nice life so we can pay rent and be out of the elements when it’s 115° or 20°.

So yes, in order for me to help that not be a thing for our homeless Veterans, I will always be pushy and impatient to that end.

Any other questions?

Don’t just read this and tell yourself, “cool”.

Call right now and tell me how you’re going to help us fix this problem.

Remember, you and I live under an umbrella of freedom provided by those Veterans we are trying to help. Everything you and I enjoy is partly due to what they’ve done to keep the enemy from our door.

So do something meaningful about that.