So what exactly IS the BAVR?

Long Island City, NY – BAVR – Borden Avenue Veterans Residence.

Let us share with you some photos as it’s true that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Imagine the trajectory of an American who volunteered to die for this country. The military took from each of them, re-created them in its own image, produced a fighting machine, put them in harm’s way, broke them, then spit them back into society.

While many have conquered reassimilation into civilian life, many have not yet been able to do so.

Communities like BAVR are making it possible for any Veteran who commits to return to being a part of his or her life.

US Patriot Fund, Inc. partners with community partners nationwide in our effort to assist them in obtaining the entitlement they were promised.

When we help them succeed in obtaining the highest rating available, (100% = approximately $4,000/month) this can represent at the very least the ability to acquire the basic necessities to live, not simply survive. It also acknowledges their existence and sacrifices. Ultimately it can be a step in returning their dignity and creates a financial safety net so they might never be a member of the nations underhoused.

If you know of ANY homeless Veterans, or any residence or shelter such as this in your community, please contact us so we can assist them with any needs they have.